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I Still Get Advances From Men-Monalisa Chinda

Source: Bolatito/Nollywoodgists.com
Monalisa Chinda

Monalisa Chinda

Aside being the ravishing actress, who has wormed her way into the hearts of movie lovers via her acting prowess and enchanting looks, Monalisa Chinda have also had her fair share of the pain that comes with stardom when her marriage to entertainment businessman, Dejo Richards broke down irretrievably few years back.

However, the sultry actress, who passes for the painting of legendary Monalisa with her fairy tale look, has not only moved on with her life but has brilliantly moved on at that.

Even with a child in her kitty, she still looks radiant and one question that continually begs for answer, especially last weekend during the premiere of her flick, 'Kiss and Tell', is how well and often does she still get advances from the male folks since she's now single and free.

“I'm flattered hearing I still look ravishing. And as long as I'm living and there's breathe in me as a woman and I feel very attractive, men will always come, in a nutshell, we are coping with their advances,' she hinted.

However, she quickly chipped in that she hardly get advances as she's hardly in the public glare like many would have expected.

“I'm hardly out there and so I hardly get advances but once in a while few advances here and there and I'm always polite enough to rebuff them,” she noted.

Nevertheless, a view of her newly premiered movie, 'Kiss and Tell' might give the impression that the flick was actually her way of telling the story of the complications in her life.

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