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Star actress Oluwabukola Ajoke Wright, popularly known as Bukky Wright, has a passion for macho men. But she said the Mr. Right for Ms Wright, must not be fat.I don`t like fat men but then he must not be too skinny, she said.

However, the fair complexioned beauty, though “comfortable” with the opposite sex, only prefers God-fearing and honest men. “I love having the opposite sex around me, I feel comfortable seeing a macho man around me. I simply love the opposite sex. My ideal man? He must be God-fearing, honest, hard working and should be dark and tall. The man should be somebody that loves me for who I am”.

She described herself as “a straight forward person, I am God-fearing, hardworking, loving and very romantic.”

Gorgeous and stylish, Bukky possesses a grace that is commensurate to her star status. Having gone through so much in life, her current film, Remilekun Oluwa reflects her personal experiences and other day-to-day experiences that people could learn from.

She says: “There is a message I am trying to pass across. I believe you don’t have to pay evil for evil and that there is what we call nemesis.”

Though, Bukky has featured in many movies including Sacrifice, Oh Daughter, Oh Father, Sade Blade, Oluwatoyin and Agbara Obirin, she finds all of them equally challenging.
“There is no film that is not challenging, every film is challenging to me. All you need is to adapt to any situation you find yourself. For instance, when I met Tunde Kelani through my uncle, Alhaji Rasheed Ladoja, about six years ago, he made me adapt into the role of Tinuola and that was how I got into Saworoide,” she recalled.

As a crossover artiste, Bukky is at home with English and Yoruba productions. Though, popular in the Yoruba genre, not many would remember that she started her acting career in an English movie produced by Fidelix Duker 10 years ago. “I can act in any film as long as the script is okay. It is only when the script is not tight that I drop it. I am at home with all films. Once I am on location with a good script, I forget about who I am and concentrate on interpreting the character.”

Though, an Economics graduate of the University of Lagos, Bukky has missed nothing by dumping her degree for roles in the movies. In fact, she is the envy of her colleagues who work in corporate establishments like banks, insurance and the oil sector.

She says: “I thank God that I went into acting. It has really opened a lot of doors for me. Today, I am a source of pride to most of my schoolmates. Despite the fact that they hold top jobs in the corporate world, they still respect me.”

Representing her fatherland and dining with the high and mighty like the First Lady of the Republic of Gambia; Professor Akinwunmi Ishola and other top personalities are unforgettable moments in Bukky’s life. “Yeah, the First Lady of the Republic of Gambia invited me along with Sola Sobowale and Femi Adeyemi to raise funds for her Foundation. I was amazed when we got to the airport and saw the crowd waiting for us. Could you imagine people paying money to take photographs with us? It was an exciting experience,” Bukky says.

Bukky would have engaged in buying and selling business if not an actress. Though, a divorcee mother of two boys, Gbenga (12) and Eniola (10), Bukky still sees her former husband. “Yes, we still see each other. We have children together and he has access to his children. My former husband is proud of my acting career. He encourages me to move ahead with my career. He appreciates what I am doing. He has remarried and I think he is okay with that. He is happy and I am also happy.”
According to the actress, her sons are free to choose whatever career they like. But it seems one of them is having his eyes on acting.

“My sons are free to do whatever they want to do. I cannot stop them from acting. Already, one of them is my greatest admirer and critics. He criticizes whatever I do wrong in films,” Bukky said.

As an actress, fashion is my tool because I have to look my best always. I am comfortable in everything I wear be it African or European. But then my mood determines what I wear.

I go for any designer so far it is good. But I prefer to design my own clothes. I feel good in my own designs.

I make sure my shoes go along with what I wear. I would not say I prefer high-heeled to flat shoes, it depends on what I wear. But the colour must match.

I am a jewelry freak. I wear jewelries on my neck, hands and legs.

What you see me wear in movies are my own clothes. I don’t wear other people’s clothes as costumes. As a matter of fact, I costume my own movies. I don’t allow other people to do it for me.

Elegance is a woman that commands respect in whatever she does.

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